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Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences you and your family may ever face. No matter what the cause or the part you played in it, divorce brings pain, emptiness, anger, guilt, an identity crisis, and financial imbalance.


We are a group of wounded healers in Orange County, CA who have personally experienced God’s power in being set free to live in peace and joy after divorce. We share personally how we walked the path of recovery at the deepest level. “Having freely received they are compelled to also freely give.”


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Mission Statement

We are a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping men, women and their children who have or are experiencing divorce grieve, heal, grow, gain hope and be free to love and be loved again.


The “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Ministry is located in Orange County. It is unique in that the team will teach, encourage, provoke, challenge and help participants to process their grief, take responsibility for their contribution for the failure of their marriage, forgive their ex-spouse and others. The workshop will facilitate the process of your ability to go forward with hope and wholeness towards being free to love and be loved again.   


"As a psychotherapist with expertise in divorce counseling, I’ve helped churches throughout Orange County develop and sustain divorce recovery programs by giving talks, training pastors and lay leaders, and leading panel discussions.  I believe each of these programs provide a vital supportive experience for men and women struggling to manage the crisis of separation and divorce.


In my experience, the 'Free to Love Again' Divorce Recovery Workshop is unique in fostering personal and spiritual growth.  Although I attended the "Free to Love Again" DRW in my professional capacity as a speaker and small group facilitator, I unexpectedly found myself gaining insight into my own divorce.  The emphasis on forgiveness is experiential, not didactic, and led to a genuine release of “guilt” for myself and my former spouse. 


I highly recommend this program.  If you’re wondering if this program is clinically appropriate for you or your client, please feel free to contact me at  I’d be happy to talk with you."


Eileen Callahan, L.C.S.W 

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